Elevate means to lift and inspire and that is all that we want to do! We organize numerous charity events each year for many different causes.  Our passion is driven by inspiring change.  We rally around those who want to fight for a cause and achieve something great.  

Our successes include:

  • In 2013, we successfully planned and hosted our very first charity fundraiser to remember two wonderful women, our good friends' grandmother and mother Linda Klug who fought Pancreatic Cancer and passed within a year of each other. 

  • In 2016 we hosted our fourth annual Power of Purple Dance Competition and raised just under $30,000.  

  • In 2016 we expanded and created Elevate!

​         In 2016 we hosted our 2nd annual Power of Purple 5K benefiting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and                    Lisa's Light which benefited FMDSA in honor of our team member Melissa's mom, Lisa Wise.  

         In 2016, we also hosted our first Rock the Burbs live music event benefiting the MACC Fund. 

         In 2017, Elevate will host Rock the Burbs - A youth talent competition and an evening live music event in 

         September.  In October, our annual Power of Purple Dance Competition will take place.  And in late 2017, early

         2018, Elevate will host our first ever Race for Your Reason!  Stay tuned for more details!!

Everyday there are misfortunes and hardship.  Our goal is to help people everywhere that lose someone to some awful means and immediately want to do more for that cause.  Most might attend a 5k, a gala, a fundraiser or donate money to a charity of their choice.  Most though, don't think they can go ahead and plan it  but the Elevate team is here to help people do just that. There are people that want to see out a vision of an uplifting event - something that just makes people challenge themselves, spreads love and positivity or just makes people feel good and enjoy music and life.    

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